Strata Manager FAQ

Q - What is eStrataHub and why was it developed?
A - eStrataHub is an automated strata document order and delivery program that allows Strata Management companies and self-managed Councils to handle all of their requests online. It was developed to meet the demands of Strata Managers, Strata Councils, and their customers for a faster, more efficient way to manage strata document orders. Please see for more information on how the system works.

Q - What is the cost for Strata Management companies to join eStrataHub?
A - The cost for Strata Management companies to join eStrataHub is entirely free. We charge the requestors a nominal convenience fee.

Q - Who can order the strata documents?
A - A homeowner, realtor, lawyer, notary, or legal support staff can order strata documents.

Q - How does a Strata Management company join eStrataHub?
A - Visit for additional information and click the green Register tab at the top right corner. This will take you to the account setup page.

Q - Once I am at the Account Setup page, what information is required?
A - You will be required to provide some general information including your company name, some contact information, and you will need to upload a void cheque so that we can set up the Electronic Funds Transfer. Once that is completed, there are only 3 easy tasks left which include setting your priority fees, inputting the properties that you manage, as well as your staff who will fulfill the orders. Our eStrataHub Help Desk and support staff provide ongoing support to assist, and can also setup the account if required.

Q - Who determines the priority fees?
A - The Strata Management company determines the priority fees. eStrataHub is not prescriptive and enables Strata Managers to set their own priority fees and has the flexibility to accommodate your own firm's cut-off times for same day orders as well. During the account setup, you will have the opportunity to set your priority fees, your cut-off time, whether you would like Realtors to upload a listing agreement when placing the order, as well as other features you may wish to activate.

Q - Is training provided, and if so, how much does it cost?
A - Yes, training is provided and it is free of charge. User Guides are also available to provide step by step instructions. Our Help Desk team also provides support to both the Strata Management companies and requestors if necessary.

Q - If a Strata Management company joins eStrataHub, does that mean that all strata document requests must go through this system?
A - No. Strata Management companies are not obligated to use eStrataHub exclusively and may continue using their existing system to process strata document requests as well. This provides Strata Managers with the opportunity to evaluate eStrataHub without any risk. Experience has shown that Strata Management companies ultimately tend to use eStrataHub exclusively as it provides a significant productivity improvement in processing orders and handles the revenue collection on your behalf.

Q - How is the information stored?
A - The Strata Management company owns the documents and they continue to be stored on the Strata Management's own secure server. eStrataHub does not store any documents on our server. Therefore, no uploading or maintenance of document versions on our server is ever required.

Q - Once the account is set up, what happens next?
A - The eStrataHub administration team activates the account and the Strata Management company can start receiving orders. Requestors can order and pay with either their BC OnLine account or pay by credit card at

Q - How are the Priority Fees actually calculated?
A - The system will automatically calculate the priority fees according to the due date on the order, and apply the applicable rush fees that the Strata Management company has created. As well, the system will charge the statutory fees and automatically calculates the per page fees as documented in the Strata Property Act.

Q - How will my company be notified when I receive an order?
A - eStrataHub automatically generates an email advising the Strata Management company that they have received an order. Once they accept the order, the requestor will receive an email letting them know that the order has been accepted and is now in progress. Each time an action is required by either side, a notification email will be sent and the status of the order will change. All such notifications are stored in the system allowing you to follow the transaction in real time.

Q - What if the requestor needs to get in touch with the Strata Manager directly?
A - eStrataHub has a messaging component that we encourage all parties to use. This allows a direct and immediate communication link between the Strata Manager and the requestor. All messages are stored directly with the order and saved for historical auditing purposes. Again, an email is sent automatically notifying the party that a message is waiting. In addition, an envelope icon will appear next to the order on the Order Index screen.

Q - What if the Strata Manager needs to obtain an undertaking from the requestor before the order is delivered? Does this have to be completed outside of eStrataHub?
A - eStrataHub has the ability to allow the Strata Manager to send an undertaking request to the requestor. The requestor will then provide a letter of undertaking and the Strata Manager can decide whether to accept or cancel the request for undertaking prior to fulfilling the order. Please note that this only addresses the request and letter of undertaking. Any monies payable as a result of the undertaking are handled outside of eStrataHub.

Q - What happens if the requestor needs to change the due date on an order and needs it sooner than originally requested?
A - The requestor has the ability to accelerate the order and select a new due date. New priority fees will automatically be calculated and the requestor will be advised of them prior to submitting their acceleration request. The Strata Manager will receive an email notification of the acceleration request. The Strata Manager can then choose to accept or reject the request. If accepted, the due date and priority fees will be changed accordingly.

Q - Can the requestor access the documents before making payment?
A - No. The requestor will be required to pay prior to viewing, printing, or handling the documents in any way.

Q - Who collects the money?
A - eStrataHub manages the entire receivables process. During the account setup, your company is required to provide a void cheque for banking information. We use this information to set up an automated Electronic Funds Transfer directly into your bank account.

Q - How are Strata Management companies paid?
A - Each evening, eStrataHub makes a deposit to your bank account from the money collected on paid orders for that day. A statement is provided monthly which details the transactions processed through eStrataHub. At any time, Strata Managers may run activity reports by using the Account Activity feature in eStrataHub.

Q - How does eStrataHub manage unpaid orders?
A - eStrataHub has a feature called "Unclaimed Orders". When Strata Managers activate this feature in eStrataHub, requestors are advised at the time they place their order that payment can be forced if the order is not paid for within five days of being delivered. The Strata Manager has 45 days to force payment before the order is not paid within 5 days after the due date.

Q - What resources are available if I require assistance?
A - eStrataHub is fully supported by a knowledgeable Help Desk team that you can contact at 1-877-953-8253 or by email at In addition, we also provide User Guides for both Strata Management companies and requestors.

Q- How long has eStrataHub been in business?
A - eStrataHub has been in service since 2010. In 2014 we processed over 160,000 documents and distributed over 1.3 million pages electronically to requestors. Through our loyal following of Strata Management companies, we have registered over 180,000 strata units in our system.

Q - Who owns eStrataHub?
A - Access Point Information Canada (APIC) owns eStrataHub. APIC is a supplier of essential property related information, and electronic services for the Conveyance, Mortgage (lending) and Insurance markets in Canada. Access Point Information Canada has extensive experience in providing critical Business to Business and Business to Government information.